The beginning of the career
Andrey Eronin was born in the Moscow region, but all his childhood and youth lived in Belarus (Gomel). Since childhood, actively engaged in sports, travel to competitions with the team instilled since Andrew love to travel. After graduating from school, Andrew enters the music school. Sokolovsky in Gomel. Having received higher education in Germany, where he combined work, music and studies, Andrei returned to Belarus and began his career in the field of social activities.
music and life
Andrey notices that throughout his life and career he has always been drawn to music. He happened to work as a music administrator, Director, Manager of famous Belarusian and Russian artists. When Andrey realized that being in the framework of this activity, it is impossible to realize their own ideas and aspirations, he began a solo career as a singer. His main goal is to sing from the heart and for the soul. His songs reflect his philosophy of life – a free, creative person who is constantly in search of the best-for himself and close people

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